Stove Heat Output

When it comes to choosing a new wood burning or multi-fuel stove, one of the most important questions is how much heat will the stove release? Here at JMS Stoves, we endeavor to accurately label the heat output of all of our multi-fuel stoves and wood burners. Knowing the maximum heat output can help you make an informed purchase, choosing the correct size of stove for your room. In addition, you can compare different stoves and manufacturers.

The heat output of any stove is measured in kW, in line with the BS and European EN standards. These determine that:

  • The manufacturer can specify the refuelling period. This must be a minimum period of 45 minutes, but there is no upper limit.
  • The manufacturer can specify the nominal heat output.
  • The stoves are then tested to provide confirmation that the stove can run at the output given by the manufacturer.
  • The efficiency can then be measured by calculating an average efficiency over the period.

These standards can give you an overview about the heat output of the stoves you are interested in, but the method is not particularly impartial. In fact, to get a desired result, the manufacturers could simply change the refueling period, and the heat output, to show the stove in its most efficient state. This wouldn’t necessarily be true for average use. Being aware of this manufacturers bias can help you choose a stove that will be right for you. But don’t worry, our experts here at JMS Stoves can help provide recommendations just for you.