Stove Installation

Whichever stove you choose, whether its a multi-fuel stove, or a wood burner, you can count on us at JMS Stoves to professionally install the stove with no issues. Whichever installation type you require, our stove fitters are on hand to provide the highest quality, dedicated, customer service.

Fitting a multi-fuel or a word burning stove will involve either:

  • installing a flexible liner in the chimney
  • installing direct to the chimney
  • installing an inset stove

For stoves where wood burning will be taking place, installing a chimney liner will be necessary. As a result, our stove fitters will need to install the liner first, and then install your chosen stove. This liner guides the smoke and soot up the chimney, while protecting your chimney walls from heat and smoke damage and discoloration. It will also help alleviate the potential build up of tar.

For stoves that are installed direct to the chimney, you should make sure to properly smoke test the chimney first. This is not recommended for wood burning.

An inset stove will be fitted straight into a hole in your chimney breast. This means that the wood burner or multi-fuel stove will be plumb or flush to the line of the chimney and you will have the option of also installing a surround to fit around your stove.

Whichever installation method you require, here at JMS Stoves, we are on hand to provide personalized advice, relevant to your individual circumstances. For more information about stove installation, get in touch with us today.