Advantages of compact multi-fuel stoves

wood burning stove and logs

Here at JMS Wood Burning and Mutli Fuel Stoves, we are Birmingham’s leading stove specialists. We install all kinds of stove, including wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, as well as cast iron or stainless steel varieties. But what about stoves for small spaces? Well, compact multi-fuel stoves can offer the solution. These are smaller than average multi-fuel stoves, but still heat up your space with ease. So what are the advantages of compact multi-fuel stoves?

What are the advantages of compact multi-fuel stoves?

There are a number of advantages to choosing a compact multi-fuel stove. These advantages include:

  • Providing heat in small rooms- when people think of stoves, they generally think of large wood burners or multi-fuel stoves that are in the centre of an open plan, or large living space. But what about small rooms? Well, a compact multi-fuel stove can be the perfect solution. This will be large enough to provide heat and warmth to a small room, without overpowering the space, and without taking up too much room. As a result, this could even be used for large double bedrooms.
  • Less fuel- although a compact multi-fuel stove will generally output less heat, they will also use less fuel. So if you don’t have storage space for a lot of fuel, or you’re concerned about purchasing fuel in bulk, a compact multi-fuel stove could be a good solution.
  • DEFRA approved- many small or compact multi-fuel stoves are DEFRA approved. This means that they can be used safely and legally in areas that are even classified as smoke control areas.
  • Stylish design- just like average size multi-fuel stoves, compact ones are available in a range of stylish designs, including more contemporary or traditional options, to suit any home.

For more information or advice, or for installation of your new compact multi-fuel stove, get in touch today with the experts here at JMS Stoves.