Advantages of purchasing a wood burning stove

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When thinking about any new purchase for the home, its good to know what you are getting for your money. The same is true when considering a new wood burning stove. From the initial outlay, to understanding maintenance, the prospect of being a new stove owner can be a little overwhelming. But what are the advantages of purchasing a wood burning stove? Well, there are many. And here at JMS Wood Burning and Multi-Fuel Stoves, we are leading stove experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to how you could benefit from a wood burning stove.

What are the advantages of purchasing a wood burning stove?

So, what exactly are the advantages of purchasing a wood burning stove? Well, there are many, including:

  • Reducing energy bills
  • Being environmentally friendly
  • Adding style to the home

Wood burning stoves can reduce energy bills

With a wood burning stove, you can heat your home without relying on the central heating. This can reduce your energy bill, especially if you can eliminate using the central heating completely. At the same time, less reliance on the boiler also means that you wont be as adversely affected by a power cut, or a boiler breakdown, as you can still keep your home warm.

Wood burning stoves are environmentally friendly

By using sustainable wood that is available to purchase for your wood burner, you can help do your bit for the environment. Sustainable wood comes from plantations designed to replace the wood, as a fully renewable energy source. This is unlike the fossil fuels used to power gas and electricity from large energy providers.

In addition, when burning, the wood will only release the same amount of carbon that it stored while growing, which means that wood burning is almost carbon neutral.

Wood burning stoves are stylish

Whether you opt for a cast iron or steel stove, with a traditional or contemporary design, your stove will make an attractive centre-piece for your home.

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