Advantages of steel stoves

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Choosing between a cast iron stove, and a steel stove can be tricky. And that’s before you’ve spent time deliberating between a multi-fuel stove and a wood burning stove. Either a cast iron stove or a steel stove can be incredibly effective at heating your home. But why would you choose a steel stove, instead of cast iron? Well, here at JMS Stoves, we are Birmingham’s leading stove experts. And this is our guide to the advantages of steel stoves.

Advantages of steel stoves

There are a number of advantages of steel stoves. With the main benefits including:

  • the speed to heat up
  • traditional or contemporary style
  • quality material

The speed to heat up

Steel stoves are much faster to heat up than cast iron stoves. And this means that your home can be warmed through in a lot less time, by using a steel stove.

not only will your home warm faster, but it will also cost less to heat. Simply because it will take less time for your room to reach optimum temperature. This means you could be spending less money on fuel.

Traditional or contemporary style

When you think of steel stoves, you probably think of ultra-contemporary stunning design pieces. And while this is true, there are some stunning, contemporary steel stoves out there, traditional steel stoves are also an option.

In fact, there are a wide variety of styles to choose from when opting for a stainless steel stove. And this means that steel can be the perfect choice for a range of households, from the contemporary, to the traditional.

Quality material

You might have heard some horror stories about steel. And cracked or warped stoves. Unfortunately, these stories are entirely possible if you purchase a low quality steel stove. And if you instead opted for a low quality cast iron stove, you’d also see the same effects. It’s not steel itself that is an issue for stoves, its the quality of the material. High quality steel can create some stunning, long lasting, durable stoves.

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