Choosing the right stove

modern woodburner

Here at JMS Stoves, we are wood burning and multi-fuel stove experts. From helping you choose the perfect product, to the installation and after-care, we provide the full package. Advice we are often asked for relates directly to choosing the right stove. We understand how important it is to choose a stove to suit your needs. So this is our guide to how to choose the right product for your property.

Purpose of the stove

The first question to consider when it comes to choosing the right stove, is what do you want the stove for? Is it for cosy and stylish secondary heating, or is to heat your home with the boiler as a back up?  Alternatively, some people want a stove they can also cook on.

As you can tell, the reason for the stove will determine the different heat output options you should be looking at, as well as the different styles you are interested in, and the options that are suitable for you.


In some homes, the way the stove looks is the most important thing. Will you opt for a traditional stove, or a more contemporary option?

A multi-fuel or wood-burning stove?

A multi fuel stove uses a grate, which means that you can burn either coal or wood on your stove. However, a dedicated wood-burning stove will generally not have a grate because wood burns best on a bed of ash.

In general, although not always, a dedicated wood-burner will burn wood more efficiently than a multi-fuel stove. This means that if wood will be your primary fuel, a wood-burner might be a better option.

Iron or Steel

Some stoves are available in iron or steel. Although you might think this is just an aesthetic feature, it can be a quality indicator. In general, iron is better quality than steel, but this is not always the case.

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