Comparing cast iron and steel stoves

modern woodburner

When it comes to choosing a wood burning stove, or even a multi-fuel stove, it isn’t an easy task. But here at JMS Stoves, we are leading stove experts. From multi-fuel stoves, to wood burning stoves, we are always up to date with the latest developments. One of the most common questions we are asked is about the difference between cast iron and steel for the stove material. As a result, we have produced this guide comparing cast iron and steel stoves.


Many people considering a new stove have heard horror stories, or even witnessed first hand, cast iron stoves cracking, or steel stoves warping. Understandably, both of these put new owners off. But it shouldn’t. This is because there have been huge developments in steel in the last few decades, which means that high quality steel stoves will never warp. At the same time, high quality iron stoves will not crack. These issues only occur when you purchase an inferior, low quality product. Something you don’t need to worry about when you choose us, here at JMS Stoves.

How fast do they heat up?

When comparing cast iron and steel stoves, many people wonder how fast each version heats up. After all, with an electric or gas fire, your home can be warm in an instant. But while stoves may take slightly longer to heat up, they will keep your home warmer for longer.

Cast iron stoves are made from thick molten metal, and this means that they tend to take more time to heat up, when compared to steel stoves. This means that a steel stove will be quicker to warm your home.

How long will they stay warm?

While the speed of heating up can be an important factor, so too can the amount of heat output over a longer period of time. Because cast iron is made from thick metal, it will keep your home warm for a long time, even long after the fire has gone out. While steel will also continue to give out heat after the fire has been extinguished, this will not last the same amount of time.

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