Considerations when choosing a wood burning or multi-fuel stove

wood burning stove and logs

If you’re thinking about purchasing a stove this winter, then we are sure you wont be disappointed. But there are a lot of different things to consider, before you make a final decision. So what are the most important¬†considerations for choosing the best stove? Well, here at JMS Wood Burning and Multi-Fuel Stoves, we are leading stove experts. From multi-fuel stoves, to wood-burning stoves, we have a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise. And this is our guide to help choose the stove that is perfect for your requirements.

What are the important considerations when choosing a wood burning or multi-fuel stove?

The best stove will always be a subjective choice, based on the buyers own preferences. So to choose the right stove for your home, you should consider:

  • The efficiency level of the stove
  • Defra
  • Type of fuel for your stove
  • The stove material

Considering stove efficiency for your new stove

The stove you choose should have a high efficiency rating, so that you can heat your home effectively, without adding additional costs. New stoves, adhering to the EU regulations that will be in place later this year, are at least 80% efficient.


For a wood burning stove, you should look for a Defra approved model as this burn cleaner, and be better for your home, and the environment. If you live in a smoke-controlled area, a Defra approved model is mandatory.

Choosing the type of fuel for your stove

You can choose between a dedicated wood burner or a multi-fuel stove for your home. Wood can also be used on a multi-fuel stove, as well as other types of fuel. But a wood-burner can only burn wood.

Choosing the material for your stove

Stoves are available in both cast iron and steel. While cast iron will take longer to heat up, it will stay warmer for longer. A steel stove will warm your home quickly, but will also lose heat quickly once the fire is extinguished.

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