How can a multi-fuel stove help reduce energy bills?

wood burning stove and logs

A multi-fuel stove can be the perfect solution to the current energy crisis, helping to save energy usage in your home, and ultimately reduce bills and monthly costs. But how can a multi fuel stove help you? Well, here at JMS Wood Burning and Multi-Fuel Stoves, we are leading stove experts. From multi-fuel stoves, to wood-burning stoves, we have a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise. And this is our guide to everything you should know about how multi-fuel stoves can help to reduce your energy bills.

So, how can a multi-fuel stove help reduce energy bills?

A multi fuel stove can be very effective for saving money on energy bills in a number of ways. These include:

  • Heating the home- central heating is one of the most popular option for home heating but this is becoming increasingly expensive. A multi-fuel stove can provide suitable heating for your property, helping you to stay warm all year round, without having to use the central heating at all. But even reducing your central heating reliance can make a notable difference to your monthly gas bill.
  • Impressive energy efficiency- during the manufacturing process, new multi fuel stoves are rigorously tested for their functionality, heat output and most importantly energy efficiency. If you are running an older boiler, even an older combi boiler, you might be surprised to know that a multi fuel stove can actually be more energy efficient than this older central heating system. What this means is that more of the fuel is converted into heat successfully, with less heat lost or wasted during the process. So not only is fuel for the stove cheaper to buy and use than energy from the gas supplier, but this can actually heat your home more too.

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