How to keep your stove looking it’s best

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Choosing and purchasing a new stove can make a dramatic difference to your home and lifestyle, as well as your energy bills. But with use, your stove can start to lose it’s shine. So what can you do? Well, there are a number of different maintenance tasks that are essential to get the most out of your stove. Whether it’s a multi-fuel stove, or a wood-burner, a cast iron stove, or a stainless steel stove, you will need to follow a maintenance routine. Here at JMS Wood Burning and Multi-Fuel Stoves, we are leading stove experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to how to keep your stove looking it’s best.

How to keep your stove looking it’s best

To keep your stove looking great and performing efficiently, you should:

  • Be sure to burn only the right materials- burning different types of materials can really damage your stove, if your stove is not designed to burn these. For example, a wood-burning stove is designed with wood burning in mind, and these are created to withstand the temperatures and waste products produced from burning wood. Multi-fuel stoves on the other hand can burn a range of fuel sources effectively.
  • Clean your stove- cleaning your multi-fuel stove, removing ash and debris is a good way to keep your stove in good working order. Ash and debris, and soot, can prevent air from circulating effectively around your stove, making it less efficient. However, for a wood-burning stove, you should leave a small bed of ash, as this can actually make it more efficient. The soot and debris should still be removed though.
  • Clean the glass- A sooty stove door might be a good sign of a warm, cosy evening, but if you want your stove to continue to look great, you should make sure you clean and polish the glass regularly. This can have a big effect on the visual appeal of your stove.

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