Wood burning stoves and chimney sweeping

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Some of the questions we are often asked, here at JMS Stoves, is “Do wood burning stoves need a regular chimney sweep?” and “How often should I clean my chimney when using a wood burner?” So we thought we would answer both questions at once with our guide to everything you should know about wood burning stoves and chimney sweeping.

Wood burning stoves and chimney sweeping

When burning wood in a stove, its important to have your chimney swept a couple of times a year. This can prevent serious chimney fires from starting, and spreading, and can help to protect your property and family. Anything from a birds nest to a creosote buildup on the inside of the chimney can be enough to ignite a dangerous fire.

How often should my chimney be swept?

So, how frequently should your chimney be thoroughly swept? Well, in general twice a year is enough. You should opt for early autumn, before you begin using the wood burner more frequently, and sometime in early spring. However, if your chimney shows any signs that it does need to be swept during this time, please do so as soon as possible.

What are the signs my chimney needs sweeping?

We firmly believe that your chimney should be swept regularly, before it shows any signs or symptoms of needing to be swept. But these are the signs you will be looking for:

  • Poor burning performance- if your wood burning stove is no longer burning logs as it used to, and this is not due to poor quality or wet wood, or changes in external temperature and pressure, then sweeping your chimney is a good idea.
  • Falling soot- another indication that your chimney is in need of cleaning, is when soot falls back down into the wood burner or on the register plate.

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