Wood burning stoves

modern woodburner

Here at JMS Stoves, we stock and install a wide range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, in a range of designs and styles. And we know how difficult it is to choose between a wood burning stove and a multi-fuel stove. That’s why we have produced this guide to wood burning stoves.

What is a wood burning stove?

Wood burning stoves are a fantastic option for all homes. They are known by a range of names including log stoves, wood burners, and log burners. This is because they are specially designed with wood burning in mind. From stunning contemporary designs, to traditional and classic styles, our wood burning range has something to suit any home.

How do wood burning stoves work?

A wood burning stove, or a wood burner, has a flat bottom which makes it the perfect stove for burning wood. This is because the wood ash will pile on the bottom, burning slowly. This is the most efficient way for a wood burning stove to be used, and for this reason they do not come fitted with a riddling gate. As a result the wood will burn simply using the oxygen from the air above. This helps to reduce the burn time.

However, a wood burner is not as adept at slow burning wood, when compared with slow burning coal.

Wood burners are practical

Not only is a wood burner a fantastic aesthetic addition to any room, it is also incredibly practical. A wood burning stove can heat your home, helping to reduce your homes fuel bills. Using wood responsibly sourced from renewable forest friendly places means that your home can be heated in an eco friendly, renewable way.

Installing a wood burning stove

When fitting a wood burning stove it is almost always necessary to line the chimney. This is because wood burning stoves have a much greater efficiency. This means that the gasses released into the chimney are a lot colder than usual which can lead to a build up of tar.

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