Common myths about wood burning stoves

wood burning stove and logs

Here at JMS Wood Burning and Mutli Fuel Stoves, we are Birmingham’s leading stove specialists. We install all kinds of stove, including wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, as well as cast iron or stainless steel varieties. And this is our guide to the most common myths about wood burning stoves.

What are the common myths about wood burning stoves?

There are a number of myths abounding regarding wood burning stoves. These are usually negative, and can prevent people from enjoying the warmth and luxury of a real stove. These myths include:

  • Wood burning stoves can’t heat up a large open plan space- it’s a common misconception that wood burning stoves cannot heat up a large space effectively. This is simply not true. Wood burning stoves are available in a variety of sizes with different power levels. This means you just need to use the wood burning stove that is powerful enough to heat your space. A professional team like us here at JMS Wood Burning And Multi Fuel Stoves can help with that.
  • Wood burning stoves are bad for the environment-¬†Wood burners only emit the amount of carbon that a tree has absorbed. This means that by choosing the right wood, this is less damaging than using fossil fuels. In addition, modern wood burners have new technologies that reduce emissions including clean-burn systems.
  • Wood burning stoves cost a lot to maintain- it really doesn’t cost a lot to maintain a wood burning stove. But this can depend on the chimney itself. The cost of maintenance is comparable to that of a boiler, and usually less.

For more information or advice, or for installation of your new wood burning stove, get in touch today with the experts here at JMS Stoves.