Creating a focal point with a wood burning stove

modern woodburner

Here at JMS Wood Burning and Mutli Fuel Stoves, we are Birmingham’s leading stove specialists. We install all kinds of stove, including wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, as well as cast iron or stainless steel varieties. And this is our guide to how you can create a focal point with a wood burning stove.

What are the important considerations for creating a focal point with a wood burning stove?

To make sure that your new stove is the perfect centre piece or feature point for your home, you should consider:

  • The style and design- stoves are available in a range of different styles and designs. From traditional cast iron with intricate details, to smooth steel with a sleek finish and curved or straight edges, there are wood bunting and multi-fuel stoves available to suit any property, in any style. As a result, you should consider the style of your room, and your property overall, and choose a stove that will fit with the design scheme. Not only with the right stove be a good addition, it will also become one of the key features of the room, really accentuating the style and design of the space.
  • The size- the size of the wood burning stove is an important practical consideration, as this needs to heat your home appropriately. A stove that is too small will not provide enough heat, while a stove that is too large, will be difficult to maintain a good temperature. But at the same time, as a visual feature, your stove needs to be well sized too. If this is too small for the space you have available, you may need to think about creating a faux fireplace or nook to extend the visual impression. If this is too large, it will look odd and out of place.

For more information or advice, or for installation of your new wood burning stove, get in touch today with the experts here at JMS Stoves.