Top reasons to buy a multi-fuel stove

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Now that winter is drawing in, and the weather is turning colder, you might be thinking about installing a stove. A wood-burning stove, or a multi-fuel stove, could both transform your daily routine, and your fuel bill. But with a multi-fuel stove, you will have the added advantage of being able to burn a range of fuel types including wood. So why should you buy a multi-fuel stove? And what kind of difference will it make? Well, here at JMS Stoves, we are are leading stove experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the top reasons to buy a multi-fuel stove.

Top reasons to buy a multi-fuel stove

A multi-fuel stove could be the perfect investment, bringing a variety of benefits, including:

  • warm, relaxing home- what could be better than sitting around the fire on cold winters night? It’s just so relaxing. In fact, there is proof that looking into the flames of a stove can reduce your blood pressure, and help you relax and socialise. It’s in our evolution! So listen to your inner caveman, and get the fire going.
  • cut down on bills- by purchasing an multi-fuel stove, you could cut down on your energy bills. Eco-friendly, solid fuels, burn at a very high temperature, for a very long time. This means that if you have a multi-fuel fire in your living room, the surrounding rooms will be heated as well. As a result, you wont have to rely on your central heating as much, and you could save on energy bills.
  • aesthetically pleasing- nothing beats the appeal of a real fire, in a real stove. From contemporary designs for contemporary homes, to traditional stove designs, there is something to suit any home or property.

For more information, or for your multi-fuel stove installation, get in touch today, here at JMS Stoves.